Environmental Consulting Services

Compliance Services:

Gryphon offers significant expertise in regulatory compliance. Our compliance team are all seasoned professionals with broad experience. We support our clients by conducting studies and assessments, developing management plans, and implementing change through training. Our approach is to first seek to understand the requirement and then to develop realistic and achievable cost-effective solutions.  

Planning Services:

Gryphon offers a wealth of experience performing environmental planning and analysis for a wide array of projects, from asset divesture and acquisition actions to DoD force structure change actions. Whatever the proposed action, large or small, our seasoned multi-disciplinary team possesses the skillset to accurately gather data and conduct thorough analysis.

Supporting Veterans Benefits

Veterans Administration PEIS

Project Type/LocationProgrammatic Environmental Impact Statement; Washington D.C.

Key Take AwayOur ability to develop large complex NEPA documents

Gryphon was awarded this PEIS to evaluate environmental, cultural, socioeconomic, and infrastructure  and community services impacts associated with VA’s Housing Loan Program. Working in concert with Potomac Hudson Engineering, Inc. (PHE), the team coordinated with multiple stakeholders to to develop a DOPAA and schedule and host public outreach. The complex project spans across a large region of influence including all 50 states and five U.S. territories. The PEIS will allow VA to continue serving Veterans and their housing needs into the future while remaining compliant with environmental laws.  

Facilitating U.S. Army Training

Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site EIS

Project Type/locationEnvironmental Impact Statement; Fort Carson, Colorado

Key Take AwayOur comprehensive understanding of NEPA and U.S. Army operations

Gryphon and Potomac Hudson Engineering, Inc. (PHE) prepared this EIS to address environmental, cultural, and socioeconomic impacts associated with future training and operations of Pinon Canyon Maneuver Site (PCMS). The document serves as an update to the installation-wide 1980 EIS and involves analysis of restructured Brigade Combat Teams (BCTs) at PCMS and analysis of new training components to enable readiness training at PCMS. Project required management of several public meetings and significant public, tribal, and agency outreach and sensitivity.

Supporting the U.S. Navy Since 2017

Navy Oil Spill Response Training

Project Type/LocationSpill Response Instructor Led Training; Worldwide

Key Take AwayOur spill planning expertise & ability to logistically conduct and support international work

Gryphon, as a joint venture partner with LRS Federal, LLC, instructs 48 courses annually for the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps. Training consists of three separate courses designed to prepare service members for environmental disaster and/or emergency response preparedness. Gryphon instructors travel to Navy and USMC installations throughout the world and facilitate training in close coordination with each Facility Response Team using their own organizational equipment and supplies to reinforce learning.

Supporting Stationing Actions

Colorado Army National Guard EA

Project Type/locationEnvironmental Assessment; Fort Carson, CO

Key Take AwayOur ability to quickly mobilize and complete a complex project expeditiously

The COARNG contracted Gryphon to urgently complete an EA for a new Readiness Center. The EA had to be completed within six months of notice to proceed or the project would have been unfunded. Upon award, Gryphon immediately coordinated with the Fort Carson Directorate of Public Works to determine host installation requirements and procedures, which served to streamline completion of project milestones. Gryphon’s adept understanding of Army and Army National Guard NEPA procedures facilitated completion of this project within scope and schedule. 

Supporting the U.S. Army Reserve Since 2014

99th RD Environmental Training

Project Type/locationEnvironmental Compliance Training; 13-state region

Key Take AwayOur comprehensive understanding of environmental compliance

Gryphon provides Environmental Compliance Training to Soldiers and civilian employees of the 99th Readiness Division (RD), which spans across 13 states in the northeast, from New Hampshire to West Virginia. Training consists of a 2-day initial course and 1-day refresher course on hazardous material/waste management procedures, pollution prevention, and spill response procedures. Students are provided classroom instructions and in-shop hands-on instruction with a focus on topics identified during previous external audits/inspections. 

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